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Italian Data Protection Codex (L.O. 196 of 30 June 2003 as amended)

Dear customer, dear supplier,

In accordance with the Italian Privacy Act (L.O. 196 of 30 June 2003), notice is hereby given that personal, commercial and fiscal data concerning you and/or your company will be processed pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Act and with the confidentiality that characterizes all our dealings. Data processing is performed for contractual and legal purposes and in support of the efficient administration of our business relations.

Data processing in this context includes all operations relating to the collection, capture, storage, processing, modification, selection, comparison, use, communication, dissemination, deletion and elimination of data, and to combinations of two or more such operations.

The data will be employed in the course of our work for such purposes as:
- meeting our legal obligations, and
- fulfilling our contractual obligations.

Data can be processed in all media including hard copy, computers and IT systems.

The data may be communicated to the following persons and organization, who will only employ them for the purposes listed above:
banks and insurance companies, self-employed persons and consultants (chartered accountants), agency networks, haulage companies.

You are also informed that your data protection rights are also covered by Art. 7 of L.O. 193/2003.

For any further information relating to the treatment and communication of your personal data, please contact the owner of the data:



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Privacy policy laid down by the supervisory authority for the safeguarding of personal data in order no. 229/2014

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